Wired NewsTracker Post 2: Instagram

Depending on your worldview, social media platforms are either life-changing marvels of innovation or angry beasts that you can’t help but feed. Out of the major apps, Instagram is obviously geared well for multimedia and for enhancing the brand image of a newsroom. 

But it’s more than clickable photos and videos that are important for enhancing a social media profile, and WIRED does a pretty good job of keeping up to date with the one app that requires particularly careful post planning. 

Let’s start with the Instagram header. The photo icon could be better, but to be fair, the WIRED name logo wouldn’t fit Instagram’s icon dimension requirements. Their summary is concise, and “Where tomorrow is realized” communicates their brand mission effectively. They also have a good follower to following ratio. As for the link, Instagram only allows functional links to be posted in a profile’s bio, so you really only have one shot at a time at redirecting to a webpage. WIRED solved this issue by linking to a separate web page on their site with all of the Instagram posts, where you can click each post and be redirected to the mentioned article. Clever! 

Unfortunately it looks like I hit the infamous paywall, but this was a cool redirection nonetheless. 

In terms of the Instagram posts themselves, the visuals are clean and engaging. They use a mix of pop-culture video or clickbait such as promotional videos utilizing popular tv shows, and then more common science fare like striking animal photographs. 

Compared to a lackluster home page, the Instagram follows a tried and true formula for success. Stay tuned next week for more WIRED analysis! 

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