Final Thoughts: WIRED

My mom once told me that I could never have too much ice cream. I am now lactose intolerant. Similarly, like ice cream cones and all other good things, this blog must end. Sad! 

I’ve always been a fan of WIRED, even when they don’t necessarily make the best editorial decisions. Most of all, I appreciate their sense of humor. 

Major news sites tend to operate with the belief that in order to appear neutral, they must be dull. Sure, a quirky title may be out of place in the New York Times, and god forbid the Associated Press ever lighten up, but I’m of the camp that believes humor can elevate content when used appropriately and in an intelligent matter. 

So to wrap up this blog, I’ve included a selection of my favorite WIRED headlines from this week’s news cycle.  

I mean, they made a donut pun. That’s incredible. The “Beavers” headline isn’t particularly offbeat, but it definitely draws a reader in. Actually, the “Ideas” section of WIRED is typically my favorite because of the oddball mix of book excerpts and features that question common viewpoints or ways of thinking (see last week’s blog that included a story on lucid dreaming). 

That just about sums it up. Thanks for reading y’all. 

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